Policies and Procedures to Prevent Fraud

Policies and Procedures To Prevent Fraud

This manual is designed to help auditing CPAs, internal auditors, fraud investigators, and management understand how to thoroughly evaluate the system of internal controls, expose weaknesses that could lead to fraud, and take corrective action to reduce the possibility of victimization.

Pelatihan untuk Anda:

  • Internal and independent auditors seeking to increase their anti-fraud effectiveness
  • Professionals who want to help deter fraud within their entities
  • Employees and educators seeking the knowledge necessary to detect fraudulent activities

Pelatihan ini bertujuan untuk:

  • Membantu peserta dalam melakukan evaluasi terhadap sistem pengendalian internal
  • Membantu peserta dalam menyusun sistem pengendalian yang berorientasi pada pencegahan kecurangan
  • Membantu peserta menyusun prosedur dan kebijakan perusahaan dalam mencegah fraud
  • Membekali peserta dengan berbagai form dan manual yang relevan.

Pokok-Pokok Bahasan

  1. Embezzlement: Who Does It and When
  2. Consideration of Fraud in a Financial Statement Audit (SAS No.99)
  3. Essential Internal Control and Administrative Procedures to Avoid Embezzlement
  4. Clever Examples of Embezzlement
  5. Steps to Take if You Have Been Victimized by Fraud
  6. Identity Theft
  7. Internal Control Analysis, Documentation, and Recommendations for Improvement



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