Executive Training for Policy Makers and Practitioners – in Europe ( Netherland ,Belgia,Swiss,France,Germany )

Training Fee

Our training program will cost :

EUR 5500   For 1 participant

EUR 10600 For 2 Participant

EUR 15300 For 3 Participant

EUR 25000 For 5 Participant 

Training Schedule

For year 2013, the training will be held in the following months:

  1. Mei
  2. July
  3. September

Our  Programme

Indonesia is predicted by many major global consultants as one of propelling countries in the future. Economic projection shows the country will be the world’s 7th largest economy with massive consumer class in 2030. This global forecast should not be taken for granted, but something that should be anticipated by policy makers and practitioners equipped with better capacity. And one of the most effective methods in boosting the knowledge and competence is through the series of integrated training.

Most high level policy makers involved in public policy formulation and implementation have to face complex challenges with limited resources. In order to succeed they need to have an enhanced understanding of the challenges of sustainable development, a deep knowledge of relevant socio-technical issues, and high management capabilities. To cope with the strategic capacity-building challenge, we organize and provide an Executive Training for Policy Makers and Practitioners (ETPP). The programmeis intended to help policy makers and practitioners, particularly from Indonesia to preparing for new levels of knowledge and capabilities in their task and within their organizations.

The overall goal of the ETPP is to update and improve the knowledge,competence, necessary experience to analyze, formulate and implement public policy reforms. ETPP provides high level government officials with the unique opportunity to learn from Dutch practitioners, policy makers and world-class faculty in convenient solid programme. It allows for small circle discussions among participant with the best experts we can provide here in the Netherlands and beyond.

We offer distinguished and tailor-made training programme to meet the need of the participants to deliver an excellence performance in their respective field of responsibility. Through this programme, we expect to enrich the knowledge and perspective of the policy makers and practitioners in managing development in their dedicated area.

Our Objective

The objective of the programme is ‘to update and improve knowledge, competence, and experience of policy makers and practitioners through an integrated and tailor-made training’.

Target Audience

The target audiences of the programme are policy-makers and practitioners who involve in public sector areas, mainly members of parliament, government officials, industrial actors, and NGO activists.



Our Method

To fulfill the highly expectation result of the programme, we promote a multi-approach and integrated method. We believe the participants would not obtain optimum knowledge, competence, and first-hand experience just through listening to a long-session of lecture. Therefore, our tailor-made programme mixes various ways of learning process, including workshops, field study, lecture visit, and dynamics group discussion.

We offer a package of 5-days of training for every theme proposed with a detail schedule as follows.

  Day-1 Day-2 Day-3 Day-4 Day-5
Morning Introduction Session Field-study Field-study Field-study Lecture visit/concluding session
Afternoon Presentation


Our Partners

Quality and competence is our value, therefore we have engaged with, but not limited to several outstanding institutions in the Netherlands to ensure the best knowledge and competence delivery to our clients. Our partners will be part of our 5-days executive training, and they will involve as lectures, facilitators, and supervisors during the sessions.

Our current partners are:



Delft University of Technology Energy, Infrastructure and Transportation, Small-Medium Enterprise and Industrial Policy, and Technology
Eindhoven University of Technology Energy, Industrial Policy, Innovation, and Technology
Erasmus University Rotterdam Economy and Business, Public Accountability, Public Administration and Management.
International Institute of Social Studies Governance, Social Development, and Urban and Regional Studies
Leiden University Education Policy,Public Administration and Accountability, and Internationalisation of Education
Maastricht University  Governance, Public Health, Urban and Regional Planning
UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education Flood Management, Water Management, and Waste Management
Utrecht University Economic Development, Education, Education Policy, and Governance
VU University Amsterdam Education, Education Policy, and Internationalisation of Education
Wageningen University Agriculture, Food Policy, and Sustainable Farming
Tilburg University Industrial Policy, Innovations, and Public Policy and Administration


Our Themes

We have designed our very well-planned 5-days of executive training with several proposed themes. The main themes proposed considered as the major challenges that Indonesia faces today. We design the themes through a series of research and we come up with a set of programmes as follows:

Day-1 Workshop Sustainable Infrastructure Professors
Day-2 Field Study. Topic: transportation infrastructure
Day-3 Field Study Energy Infrastructure
Day-4 Field Study. Topic: Port Infrastructure
Day-5 Lecture Visit.  Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment
Small Medium Enterprises and Industry
Day-1 Workshop SME and Industrial Policy Framework
Day-2 Field Study. Topic:  Empowering Financial and Business Process in SME
Day-3 Field Study Topic : Best Practice of Innovation in Small Industry
Day-4 Field Study. Topic : Industrial Competitiveness based on Local Potential
Day-5 Lecture Visit. Small and Medium Industrial Area/ Cluster
Urban Planning and Development
Day-1 Workshop.Integrated Development Planning
Day-2 Field Study. Topic: Housing
Day-3 Field Study. Topic: Public transportation
Day-4 Field Study.Topic: Water and Waste Water Management
Day-5 Lecture Visit.  Local Municipality
Day-1 Workshop.Participatory and Democratic Governance
Day-2 Field Study.Topic:Public Administration
Day-3 Field Study.Topic: Public Accountability
Day-4 Field Study.Topic: Service and Welfare
Day-5 Lecture Visit. Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment
Day-1 Workshop. Food Sovereignty
Day-2 Field Study. Topic: Sustainable Farming
Day-3 Field Study. Topic:  Food Policy
Day-4 Field Study. Topic: Agriculture Technology
Day-5 Lecture Visit. Wageningen University
Day-1 Workshop. World Class Education
Day-2 Field Study.Topic: Internationalisation of Education
Day-3 Field Study.Topic: Education Policy
Day-4 Field Study. Topic: Education Infrastructure and Facilities
Day-5 Lecture Visit. Ministry of Education, Culture, and Science

Our Invitation

We invite Indonesia’s policy makers and practitioners to participate and experience our executive training programme.


This fee will contribute to our participant need, covering:

-      Workshop material

-      Training certificate

-      Accommodation

-      Transportation (for and during field study in The Netherlands & Belgium)

-      Meals


Exclude : Transportation Airplane Jakarta – Netherlands  / Netherlands  -Jakarta, Visa, and Insurance


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