Budgeting Planning And Control

The benefit after completing this course the participants will have an essential knowledge & skills on Budgeting Planning & Control


Overview of Budgeting Planning & Control
– The Role of Budgeting
– Budgeting and Business Strategy
– Managing the Budgeting Process
– Recognizing Potential Problems


Setting Objectives of Budgeting Planning
– Tailoring A Budget
– Setting Financial Targets
– Decides Objectives
– Plan for The Future
– Reviewing the Business
– Developing Alternative Strategy


DAY 2 – 3

Creative in Writing a Budget
– Assessing Internal & External Influences
– Assessing & Estimating Revenue
– Projecting Revenue Timing
– Estimating Amount & Types of Expenditure
– Understanding Cost Behavior
– Understanding Capital Budgets and Assessing Projects
– Producing Cash Budgets
– Preparing A Master Budgets


Monitoring & Controlling Budget
– Analyzing Discrepancies
– Monitoring Variances
– Analyzing Expenditures & Budget Errors
– Controlling Cost & Make Adjustment


Reporting, Feedback and Evaluation
Case Study
Group Discussion
Question & Answer Session



Berty Johan Waworuntu

Berty Waworuntu, graduated from the State of Accounting College (STAN), Ja- karta, Indonesia.  Honors Master specializing in International Finance and Accounting, grad- uated from the University of Wollongong, NSW Australia. Now I am a Doctorate (Candi- date) in Economics specializing in Managerial Accounting at the University of Persada Indo- nesia, Jakarta Indonesia.

Within more than 30 years working for variety types of businesses both in private and public sectors, as a government auditor/accountant and as a professional of the prominent public accountant firms, and  as an entrepreneur of the companies. Also I have worked for the in- ternational organization (ADB, AusAid, World Bank, UNDP and others).   Furthermore, more than 10 years I dedicated myself in teaching at the post-graduate and professional pro- grams, in giving trainings at the oil and gas society, and at the small business consultant under the APEG’s program.

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